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The Cast of
XIV Magic Congress Congress

Shin Lim

Shin Lim is the rare, young performing artist with the ability to choreograph magical routines synchronized to music. Since his viral you­tube video in July 2015 on The Penn and Teller Fool Us TV Show (over 23 million views to-date)...

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Richard Sanders

As a regular performer at corporate events, cruise ships, comedy clubs, trade shows and exclusive private parties, Richard's innovative magic and ground-breaking technique will astonish and amaze you!

Richard is the only magician to have won "Magician of the Year" on...

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Hun Lee

When he was in childhood, he watched a Magic TV show with his sister. But, She didn't believe magic. So he also didn't believe it, because of his sister.


And then, in his Elementary school, a classmate did magic. So he...

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Christian Farla

Christian was born in Rotterdam on May 5, 1970. When he was 8 years old, he began performing magic at birthday parties of his schoolmates. When he was twelve, he won the Dutch Junior Championships for stage magic and decided...

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Dani DaOrtiz

Dani DaOrtiz combines superb technique with crazy humour. At only 30 years of age he is another of the great card workers that Spain has given the world, magicians like Arturo de Ascanio, Pepe Carroll and Juan Tamariz.

Daniel Ortiz...

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Peter Turner

Peter Turner, born 26/10/87 lives in West Yorkshire, England. Peter became interested in magic at the age of five, making the transition into mentalism at the age of fifteen and has been performing professionally for several years. His first book...

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Christian Chelman

Christian Chelman offers a range of shows and events firmly rooted in the world of magic and illusion. Renowned in Europe and the United States as a first-class, sleight-of- hand artist and a master of imaginative and fanciful conjuring, he...

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Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay specializes in the deceptive practices. Using techniques he's refined through thousands of hours of practice, he persists in altering your perceived reality. His flare for creativity has thrown him in to the world of deception, where some of...

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Captain Frodo

Captain Frodo has been a performer all his life. As a son of a magician Frodo’s love affair with the stage began in The Great Santini’s Magic Show, in Norway. Frodo was born with hyper mobile joints which led him...

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Doble Mandoble

Doble ManDoble was founded in 2007 by the twin brothers Luis Javier and Miguel Ángel Córdoba Pelegrín. After a long and diverse artistic career encompassing magic, circus and acrobatics, they have decided to develop their own productions as creators and...

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Martin Mall

Martin Mall is a stage performer who loves developing new ways to entertain. In the last 20 years he has performed in countless corporate shows, theatre productions and special events with the goal of surprising his audience. Recent highlights include...

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Gianni Loria

Born in Messina on 09/07/1956. He lives in Bologna since 1959. He began his "Magic" activity in 1977 and immediately started working with Illusionists Magicians Club of Bologna where he became President in 1984. After a decade-long collaboration with the...

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Tony Chapek

Tony Chapek is a unique entertainer who has been delighting audiences for years with his innovative blend of magic, technology, and humor. He has performed for millions of people from the show rooms of Las Vegas to the television studios...

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Crazy Magic Midnight Show

Shouting "Come, look at the freaks!" the magician Piero Ustignani, also known as Jabba, switches from traditional magic (with doves, rabbits and scarves) to a review of Barnum's sideshow, where freaks, exotic animals, illusions...

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Alain Iannone

Alain was born in Milan to a French mother and an Italian father.Developed a passion for magic at the age of twelve, and began to study in depth all branches of the art.His main interest is directed to a kind...

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Bruno Copin

Close-up artist, invisible thread expert and lecturer, Bruno Copin has been awarded many prizes in different international competitions. He also had a regular TV spot for a number of years.

In recognition of his contribution to magic, Bruno was recently invited...

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Gérald Le Guilloux

Gerald discovered magic at the age of 16, when he saw his cousin performing a magic trick.This is how it all started! He bought a magic book and he discovered his passion for magic, especially magic with doves...His mother gave...

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Marco Pusterla

Marco Pusterla is considered one of the greatest historians of contemporary conjuring. With a magical career of almost 40 years, with performances in theaters, streets, squares, private parties, corporate events, Marco has gained a wide experience in many fields of...

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