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Crazy Magic Midnight Show

Shouting "Come, look at the freaks!" the magician Piero Ustignani, also known as Jabba, switches from traditional magic (with doves, rabbits and scarves) to a review of Barnum's sideshow, where freaks, exotic animals, illusions and magic bring the spectator in a forgotten world.

In his traveling theater you can spot from the only headless woman alive to a 6 meters snake, from the Jivaro tiny heads of warriors to the car of the metamorphosis of Dr. Dietmar Muller. All his freaks are accompanied super rare animals like the two heads tortoise, the baby crocodile, the little mermaid and the kit to capture vampires. He is in the 2014 book of Guinness World Record in the same page aside the most famous magicians of the world for having pulled out 300 live rabbits from a cylinder, for the highest number of glasses broken with the mind power and for presenting and participating to the magic show with the most magicians.

Called the King of Italian Sideshow, Jabba has an infinite number of mystical horror acts and amazes the audience with shows using rare animals such as a giant bats, scorpions, jumping fleas, giant mice, a talking parrot and a huge albino python!

He participate to several different TV shows including: ­

- Italia’s got Talent; ­
- Chi ha incastrato Peter Pan; ­
- Uno mattina; ­
- La vita in diretta;
- Piazza Grande; ­ Scorie; ­
- ArcanA; ­
- The secret; ­
- Quelli che il calcio; ­
- Mistero; ­
- Lo Zoo di 105.