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Blizzard Concept

juggler, magician. 
His passion for juggling dates back from his long years of high school as well as to the university geography courses. He builds his first professional experience with the association Jonglargonne in Bordeaux and creates the Tylos company (duet of diabolos) with which he plays in several countries in Europe. He then joins the second year of a professional training in Bordeaux and meets Etienne Saglio. Together they start working on a project combining diabolo and magic which brings them to become very closely interested in the world of conjuring. The following year he joins the professional training of « Le Lido » in Toulouse, and the new training in magic in the CNAC of Châlon en Champagne. In 2011 he participates actively in the creation of the collective OSEA and the show « Biz Biz Bang Bang » which will be played in several countries, especially in South America. The short show involving diabolo and magic (with support of Cie 14:20) as well as « A fur et à temps «, a performance of juggling clubs are created in 2012. He presents the diabolo and ma- gic short show at the 34th world festival of the circus of tomorrow in 2013. At the beginning of 2013, with Camille Vacher, a visual artist, they begin a new project mixing visual art and new magic entitled « En Plein Vol » («During the Flight»).

juggler, clown, stuntman
He spends his rst 10 years dancing on soccer elds. At the age of 10, he leaves with his mother to join the journey of Alexis Gruss Circus during 4 years. After that, he studies music academically, but also on his own before going back to circus through various internships. He then joins the activist clown brigade in La Rochelle. After minor appearances through his clown, theater and militant activities, in 2008, he joins the professional training in circus arts in “Piste d’Azur” in Cannes and “Le Lido” the following year. In 2011 he participates in the creation of the collective OSEA and the show «Biz Biz Bang Bang» which allows him to travel in France, Israel and South America.