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Jaehoon Lim

Jaehoon Lim, the Korean Magician was born on the 27th of January in 1989. While he attended middle school, he showed one of his friends a magic act; cutting the rope and linking it back together again. It was then when he realize how amazing it felt to perform magic. He began to study and practice the art of magic and within two months he was presented an opportunity to perform at his school’s festival. The audience loved and applauded his performance. As an apprentice to Chaming Choi, a well-known magician in South Korea, he was able to win awards in magic competitions. During his high school years, he spent countless hours perfecting his skills an grew so fascinated with magic that he decided to completely focus on his skills. He decided to travel to Japan to train under Yuji Yasuda, where he completely committed himself to be a magician. He eventually returned back to Korea as a professional magician at the age of 15. He won several competitions at the world championships of magic. Currently he works for broadcasts, media and stages throughout many countries.