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Gianni Loria

Born in Messina on 09/07/1956. He lives in Bologna since 1959. He began his "Magic" activity in 1977 and immediately started working with Illusionists Magicians Club of Bologna where he became President in 1984. After a decade-long collaboration with the organization of the CMI Conferences organized by Alberto Sitta, in 1990, prompted his cooperation within the Executive Board and became Vice President in 2003, then President f.f. in 2013 and today is President from June 20 2015. Organizes since 1990 a Congress for illusionists: the Trofeo Alberto Sitta now arrived at the 14th edition (two years), with an average of 350 attendence, a local Congress, but with a considerable national and international interest. Directs the Illusionists Magicians Club since 1984, with a program of more than 70 annual meetings and conferences between 20 domestic and foreign. Leads the train new beginners Wizards and students with one-year course in Italy. Coordinate, propose and organize the Conference Service of the Magic Club Italian since 1990 arrived today to more than 30 tour made and proposed to several Italian clubs, and care and collaborates with them for training and dissemination the Italian Magic in all its forms. He is responsible for the coordination of the Regional Delegations and Cities CMI since 2011 and care coordination, training and the promotion of CMI within the Regional Delegations and Cities, which between 2012 and 2015 has been almost completely and created at least 15 new delegations. He promoter and Tutor within the College of Magic of the Italian Magic Club (Organ that takes care of Artists for the World Contest) for which it is committed both with Focus organized, that for the management of the venue of Bologna. He works closely with the organization of the International Congress Annual Italian Magic Club since 1978 and is responsible organization and overall coordination. Directs the official journal of the Italian Magic Club - MODERN MAGIC MAGAZINE which he is Editorial Director, a magazine of 116 facades that writes the history of the Italian Magic Club and is the only organ Official at the disposal of the Italian Magicians; comes with 4 issues per year uninterruptedly since 1953.