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Hun Lee

When he was in childhood, he watched a Magic TV show with his sister. But, She didn't believe magic. So he also didn't believe it, because of his sister.


And then, in his Elementary school, a classmate did magic. So he could learn some magic trick and he showed around another friends and so he start performing magic as a hobby.


When he was only 13 years old, he just challenge for magic convention in his country where he got the 3rd prize, and then he started to perform also in other countries. He got inspiration from Eun Gyeol Lee who was the first Korean magician to win the 1st prize in a FISM competition. Hun attended Magic Entertainment College in Korea where he met Yasuda, Casa and other great professors. He performed during the Korean Night Gala Show in Blackpool, Great Britain. He took part to 2 editions of the World Championship of Magic: FISM2012 and FISMItaly2015, organized by Masters of Magic.